Hello & welcome!

Hello and welcome to my little space!

It seems bizarre that I’ve just created a blog. I’d never given it much thought before and I’ve been too busy to make one but seeing as I have some more time now I thought why not? As you can probably tell, it has very much been a spontaneous decision to create this but who doesn’t love a bit of spontaneity?! I’m seeing it as a new challenge!

I’m 22 years old living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and whilst I totally class it as my home I wasn’t born there. I’m originally from London and we made the big move north when I was 10 years old. How I disliked my parents at the time for tearing me away from my life and my friends, I soon realised how grateful I was for the move. I absolutely love it here in Yorkshire, it’s full of beautiful countryside and friendly people and I can’t thank them enough for uprooting us all those years ago.

I’ve recently graduated from Durham University where I spent 3 fantastic years. I adored the place, my course, my college and I met friends for life. As well as working really hard and achieving a First Class degree, I got stuck into sport and the social side and I definitely feel as though I made the most of my time there.

So, what have I done since? Well, last Autumn following my graduation I made a big decision and I decided to travel solo across the other side of the world. I explored Australia and New Zealand, two countries that have been on my travel list for a long time and they did they not disappoint, they were everything I hoped they’d be and more. I had the time of my life! I did and saw so many amazing things and met some lovely people who I plan to keep in touch with for years to come. Travelling is a big passion of mine which I intend to get across on here.

On returning back home, I then had to face reality as I was thrown back into normal life and boy has it been quite the shock! In future posts I plan to go into much more detail about my travels and what it’s been like settling back in at home. At the minute I am trying to kick start my career and most of my time is consumed with job activities. It’s certainly quite the change from travelling!

I intend to use this blog to share my travels and give you an insight into University and Graduate life as well as any other lifestyle, sport/fitness and everyday pointers that come to mind.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

KP x


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