3 months in: What I have learnt so far

Hello again!

I started my blog 3 months ago now and I’ve received just over 300 views in that time, which I’m pretty pleased with! So I thought it was a good excuse to write a little post with what I have learnt so far from having a blog.

It’s a great place to share your thoughts

I’ve found it quite relaxing to get my thoughts written down in a post. Whether that be my opinion on a sporting issue or maybe I’m talking about a place that I’ve recently been to. This blog is my little space which nobody else can tap into and I like the idea that I control what I publish.

I like doing it for me

I started this blog for me and I still do it for me. I think that’s important as it’s always at the root of any of my posts. I’m not doing it for anybody else and I don’t share things that don’t appeal to me. I write about topics I like and I share places I have been to. I obviously hope people find it interesting too and the fact people read my posts is a nice bonus!

You can keep your blog as hidden or as public as you like

The only platform I’ve promoted this blog on is my Twitter account. I started with Twitter because I thought it was a great medium to share posts and I haven’t ventured further than that. I don’t have tons of Twitter followers so it’s not as if I’m reaching a huge audience at all, it’s really rather small.

So why is that? I haven’t purposely tried to keep my blog hidden but it works for me. I haven’t had the urge to bombard it all over my social media or tell every single friend about it. I’m happy with how it’s going and the number of views I’ve received. Some people may be thinking is there much point in having a blog if not many people know it exists? That’s a good question, but it comes back to my point above. I didn’t create it just so I could share it with everybody I know. I started it for me. 

Maybe sometime soon I will look to promote it a bit more, even if that just means increasing my sharing of it on Twitter. Or maybe I won’t and I’ll continue as I am! Of course, any RTs are always welcome and appreciated!

Personal posts go down well

Currently, my most viewed post is ‘The dreaded question when you’re a student/graduate’ . This is more personal than others I have written and clearly that attracts attention!

Ideas will come to you at random times

A few of my previous posts have been in response to current issues, such as my thoughts on Notts County Ladies folding and others have been focused on recent travel destinations- click here for my latest travel post. But I have found that new thoughts come to me at random times. For example, maybe I’m in the shower or just about to go to bed and suddenly I’ll get an idea. I always make sure I jot any of these down in case I want to pursue them.

So there we have 5 things that I have learnt in the 3 months I’ve had this blog. So far my posts have been quite sporadic and I only posted 5 times in 3 months, which isn’t a lot. But I post as and when I feel like it and I have the time to and it seems to be working! I like writing and I’ve found I really enjoy sharing content on here. Considering I started this on a bit of whim I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out and whether I would keep with it or not, but for now I definitely want to continue!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog?

Thanks for reading!

KP x


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